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Kingsmen had always fixed its commitment on the traditional purpose of tailoring, which was invented to serve practical reasons. Tailors pioneered the industry patching together pieces of linen used as padding to protect medieval knights from chafing under their heavy armor in battle. Today, made-to-measure tailoring has evolved to compose of infinite techniques, styles, designs, and purposes. However, it has never veered from its oldest roots, which differentiates it from fad and fashion that eventually fade. Bespoke tailoring is immortal; although it comes in different forms and silhouettes, there is always a demand for it. Precise patternmaking also made a lot less waste compared to draping fabric over the body and cutting off excess. Mass production may mimic it physically, but can never clone the quality.

This technical and complex way of making clothing meant that it had to be learned tediously, and it made the role of master cutters much more relevant. The skills and eye for detail were passed down to apprentices in the next generation because tailors could only really master the craft through practice. Because tailoring is like creating a painting, it takes more time from all the thought and precision being put into a garment. It requires planning, remarkable spatial thinking, and flawless execution. Another crucial moment in crafting bespoke garments is the first fitting of the client. It is to make sure production is on the right track and it determines the direction of the rest of construction. But even with decades of expertise, some of the best of the master cutters will sometimes need to make some adjustment during the fitting, especially in challenging cases of very different body types.

Moments like this do not only bring to life the chalk sketches of maestro, but also realize the vision of the wearer. The two persons work out their differences and come to an understanding of the final ensemble. Tailoring has always been a group effort in the process. The gold mine of the client’s experience lies in the input of his personal touch. The actual product is not only durable and timeless, but also teeming with sentiment. And these are remembrances worth preserving and maintaining.