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DataBlitz is an ALL-Original computer & video games and software retailer present in various locations throughout the Philippines.

We carry software, games and accessories for the PC & Mac and video games, systems and accessories for various console gaming platforms: the Sony Playstation Vita (PS Vita), the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4), the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Microsoft Xbox One, the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii U.

At DataBlitz, our core principle has always been to offer and sell ONLY all-original games and software to our customers. Even though piracy and pirated products proliferate in the market and selling only all-original games and software will mean competing in an unequal playing field, we have remained steadfast and shall always remain steadfast in standing by our core principles as we take the trust and confidence of our customers with utmost seriousness and importance.

We believe in giving our customers value for their money and in buying from DataBlitz, our customers are assured not only of the best prices on original games and software plus quality customer service & support that comes with each purchase, but also that whatever they are buying, they are paying for THE genuine thing, THE real thing – simply because the item(s) come from DataBlitz, the company with the most solid track record and reputation in the market, the pioneer in the industry, and the one with the most extensive years of experience selling ONLY all-original games and software.

All of us at DataBlitz continuously strive to work diligently at improving our product offerings, our customer service, care and support; for we believe that our customers deserve no less than the very best!