Nanyang is the perfect epitome of a fusion of the contemporary and nostalgic experience. One of its signatures, Nanyang Kopi, is rooted all the way back from the 60s and 70s. Recreating the typical breakfast scenario – the combination of a cup of Nanyang Kopi and a freshly toasted bread – with a modern twist. Nanyang will open its doors set in a present- time backdrop to accommodate both the old and young generations.

Nanyang, literally known as the “Southern Ocean,” refers to the warm and fertile region of South China, otherwise known as “Southeast Asia.” Kopi Tiam came from two Hokkien terms. “Kopi” means “coffee” and “Tiam” means “shop.” Combining these two words, “kopi tiam” means “coffee shop” which is deeply rooted in the origins of Southeast Asia. It became popular through serving a variety of simple food offerings such as coffee, tea, kaya, toast, and many more.

Opening Hours
Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM
Level 5
Phone Number
0977 031 2931
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