Marugame Udon

Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM

*Subject to change without prior notice due to the Community Quarantine

Level 2

There are 801 stores in Japan, 211 stores across 13 countries, and 1012 stores worldwide (as of August, 2018). MARUGAME UDON dedicates to provide Japanese authentic made-to-order Udon noodles which are freshly kneaded, boiled and cooked right in front of you every day. It is an innovative cafeteria styled concept with a beautiful open kitchen. Upon receiving your favorite Udon noodles, the guests are directed to the Tempura and Rice Balls station and a diverse array of complimentary toppings to fully customize your dish. It is affordable, entertaining and you have never experienced before!

MARUGAME UDON commits to create the perfect Udon noodles. MARUGAME UDON specializes in Japanese authentic Sanuki Udon, which differs from similar Japanese Udon noodles in its taste and texture. Sanuki is a region of the Kagawa prefecture in Japan known for its Udon noodles. To create Sanuki Udon noodles, MARUGAME UDON is equipped with an original, Japanese-imported machine that mimics traditional methods to efficiently knead the flour, every day and on-demand. The recipe continues with a delicate aging process with controlled temperatures then stored to maintain freshness.

MARUGAME UDON’s broths help bring out the great taste of Udon noodles. The clear broth for Kake-dashi (Kake soup) are freshly prepared every day. The quality of the soup deteriorates if they are made in large batches. For that reason, we have a very strict rule for the amount that can be created each time. The MARUGAME spirit is to take the time and every effort to create our soups by hand. MARUGAME UDON creates our stocks by using Japanese-imported kelp as the base ingredient and dried fish such as mackerel, bonito, and round herring.

MARUGAME UDON provides various kind of fresh-fried Tempura (Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, Squid, many kinds of Vegetables) cooked right in front of you every day. Rice Balls are handmade with fresh ingredients. MARUGAME UDON also paid great attention to the condiments that are vital to Udon noodles. MARUGAME UDON offers complimentary toppings such as freshly grated ginger, green onion, tempura flakes, sesame seeds and more. Our tempura flakes are fresh-fried at each of the shops thanks to the fact that tempura items are deep-fried. Our green onions are also carefully selected. All of this combined is a result of our dedication to the perfect Udon noodles.