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Kinetix Lab

Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM

*Subject to change without prior notice due to the Community Quarantine

Level 4

0927 574 0078

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Kinetix Lab Gym is a premium training facility that advocates the principles and idealogies of strength and conditioning. Our goal is to provide a venue and medium for the public to explore the benefits of strength and conditioning style training. By bringing in the latest and relevant equipment to the concept of the facility and providing quality and science based instruction, Kinetix Lab hopes to carry out a transformative and progressive revolution on how fitness, athletics, and performance is approached. The development of physical strength is given the utmost attention and priority as a means of improving other key physical attributes criticial to health, fitness and sports performance. At the base of the pymarid of each person’s foundation on any fitness goals, we believe that strength should be the rock of which that pyramid is built upon.