Kimono Ken

Kimono Ken has been synonymous with unique menu creations and authentic Japanese dishes that have captivated the Filipino palate. The Kimono Ken promise, “Enticingly Japanese. For less”, captures the very essence of the restaurant: serving one-of-a-kind and authentic Japanese treats at friendly prices.

Kimono means “excellent personal service”, while ken means “kitchen”. Simply put, Kimono Ken can be summed up to denote excellent service and satisfaction with “straight from the kitchen” goodness that satisfies both its customer’s palate and pocket.

That is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that since opening our very first branch in Blue Wave-Macapagal in November 2003, Kimono Ken continues to excite and to entice the taste buds of our customers who just can’t help coming back for more.

From its unique Zen-inspired facade and interiors which create a warm, inviting, and relaxing mood, to its mouth-watering menu choices, the Kimono Ken experience is nothing short of spectacular.

Kimono Ken takes absolute pride in its contemporary and fusion menu offerings – clinging like memory to every diner’s palate and urges one to keep coming back for more – making dining at Kimono Ken all the more unforgettable.

Opening Hours
Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM
Level 5
Phone Number
0927 525 9921 | 8373 5537 | 8775 6624
Email Address

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