Hoseki Jewelry Art

In 1996, Hoseki Jewelry Art was established which focuses on creating jewelry that is art in itself. Primarily a design house headed by globally recognized jewelry designer Fai Co, Hoseki designs, manufactures and retails fine jewelry. A pool of young and talented designers is consistently trained to continue the legacy by which the firm was established.

Hoseki is one of the Philippines’ premier jewelry salons and has the most number of international design awards. At present, the company has more than 30 international awards and citations and has been consistently chosen by the Philippine Tatler as one of the Seals of Excellence awardees. It is famous for showcasing world-class craftsmanship and winning designs. Craftsmen are mostly foreign-trained and exposed to the latest state-of-the-art technology in jewelry manufacturing thus creating masterpieces that are at par with the international standards. Discerning and meticulous clients will immediately feel the difference of Hoseki pieces in terms of quality of materials and execution. The company is active in joining international competitions for jewelry design and has been consistently bringing laurels to the Philippines. It does so to realize its desire for the Filipino’s ingenuity and creativity in the jewelry design world to materialize.

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