Eric Kayser

Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM

*Subject to change without prior notice due to the Community Quarantine

Ground Level

0917 568 6004

Recognized as one of the most talented artisan bakers of his generation, Eric Kayser has built his reputation around his passion for bread and his dedication to passing on this expertise to the world.

Founded in 1996, Eric Kayser opened his first bakery in the historic district of Paris in the Rue Monge. A fourth generation baker, Eric Kayser perfected his craft in the Compagnons du Devoir, an exclusive trade guild for the finest craftsmen and artisans. He then proceeded to teach for 10 years in the INBP (Institut National de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie), the national school of bakers in France. In 1994, he designed and patented the Fermentolevain machine alongside Patrick Castagna. The machine maintains natural liquid levain, the essence and lifeblood of Maison Kayser’s breads and viennoiseries. The use of natural leavens and quality flours, without the addition of preservatives or additives, set Maison Kayser bread apart from its competition, allowing the brand to gain a loyal following worldwide. Today, his fine craftsmanship and innovations to the baking process have been reproduced around the world.