Bom Gosto!

The Vikings Group, creators of the famous Vikings Buffet and also owners of several other winning concepts-Tong Yang Plus, Four Seasons buffet and hotspot, The Alleyand Niu-, joined forces with ADVICHE–F&B Solutions to create this unique Southern European concept.

ADVICHE, led by Chef Chele Gonzalez-acting as Creative and Culinary Director-, Chef Carlos Villaflor-mastering all Kitchen techniques-, and Entrepeneur and Sommelier Cyril Adison-behind the wine journey and the mastering of the front of house-, all conform the professional team of experts rooted in the hospitality industry that have provided the support to bring this concept to life.

Bom Gosto! is an adventure from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. You will find the treasures of European cuisine in the freshest catch of the day, the best beef, lambs, as well as other amazing produce. All dishes rooted in tradition and heritage but crafted for modern times.

To accomplish the South-European journey, as you enter the venue you feel like when having walk around in their heritage streets and you have found a restaurant with a display of their catch of the day and fresh meats. As you move on and order your food, it may well be served baked and roasted in a traditional “Masonry Oven”, also part of the Bom Gosto! experience

Opening Hours
Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM
Level 3
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0917 576 0888
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