BAKE Cheese Tart

Mall Hours: 10AM-10PM

*Subject to change without prior notice due to the Community Quarantine

Ground Level

8637 5729

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“Bake CHEESE TART” is a specialty store of fresh-baked cheese tart, with annual sales of 4 million tarts in Hokkaido. The first store in Honshu was opened in Shinjuku in February 2014, and followed by Jiyugaoka in November and Ohmiya in December. Now, 400 thousand tarts are sold per month, gaining great popularity among consumers in Tokyo.

Our Cheese Tart is baked in kitchen built on the sales floor, to serve fresh-baked always to the customers to feature crispy tart and tenderly soft cheese mousse.The ingredients are mainly from Hokkaido to match the pastry and cheese. The pastry is “double baked”, first bake is dough only and the second bake is together with cheese mousse. 3 different kinds of cream cheese is used for the cheese mousse