Special Services

28 Cavalry

Mon-Sun: 10:00AM to 9:00PM

*Subject to change without prior notice due to the Community Quarantine

Level 4

0917 897 2887


28 CAVALRY stems from the imagery of the cavalry as an army unit that represents both bravery and prestige. Strong and agile on the battleground, the cavalry was also known for its sophistication having required a specific skill set, excellent maintenance of equipment and proper breeding of the cavalry horse. At 28 CAVALRY, we’d like to continue this lineage of high-quality service to the people. We want you to step back into your comfort zone knowing, that within these four walls, you are safe and sound. We aim to bring back the essence of chivalry and standards of excellence which, we believe, every humble and hardworking gentleman (and gentlewoman) deserves today. #ChivalryLives